Tracey Grumbach is a digital and photo artist working out of Northern Harford County, Maryland. Her ongoing fight with Chronic Lyme Disease forced her to give up a career as a real estate photographer but led her into a career as a digital artist. All of her art has a direct connection to her struggle and triumph over this difficult illness.


Tracey's artistic passion and focus is creating dream-like or surreal visual worlds that convey a deeper meaning and emotion to the viewer. Her works and titles are often inspired by her love of literature, quotes, and song lyrics. She doesn't necessarily wish for the viewer to always consider her motivation in the work's creation, but instead, wants to allow space for the viewer to formulate his or her own opinion on context and meaning.


Several of Tracey's latest series, such as The Beauty Myth, Faceless, and Growth Mindset closely examine human nature and the influences of the technical age on today's human psyche.

Tracey’s work has been seen in venues throughout Maryland including art galleries in Harford and Cecil County.  Tracey’s photography and digital art work has been used by ad agencies, and has been published in popular local, national, and international magazines and newspapers including Baltimore Magazine, Artful Blogging, and Somerset Digital Studio.  She is a member of Harford Artists' Association.


Tracey also teaches Digital Photography, iPhone Photography, Photoshop, and Digital Art at Harford Community College in Bel Air, Maryland. For more information about current class offerings, please see the "Classes, Workshops, Etc." tab.


Mrs. Grumbach lives on a small farm with her husband and their four children. She is passionate about the health, Lyme disease awareness, organic living, and the environment. During her free time she likes to garden, read, and hike.

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