Tracey Grumbach photography and digital art classes summer 2019Tracey Grumbach Summer 2019 Classes
Hello all! I am excited to release my late summer and fall teaching schedule for 2019! Check out the classes below and sign up in person at Harford Community College, Edgewood Hall or online at You can use the CRN number to search for the class on HCC’s website.
Digital Photography 1- Learn to see like a photographer as you master many of the buttons and controls particular to your camera. Take good shots in modes other than auto and discover how to take portraits, landscapes, night portraits, macros, and sports/action shots. Bring your camera, a memory card, and the user manual to your camera.
CRN 45881 TUES (9/10-10/1) 6:00PM-9:00PM Bel Air Hall Rm 101
CRN 45940 FRI (10/4-10/25) 9AM-12PM Edgewood Hall Rm 231
Secrets To Amazing iPhone Pics- Learn to use the native iPhone camera app, Hipstamatic app, and the Camera+2 app to take amazing pictures. Instructor will cover shooting techniques, camera setting options, and tips for each one of the three camera apps. ***Bring your iPhone with Hipstamatic app and Camera + app installed and your phone charger!
CRN 45884 MON (11/4-11/18) 10AM-1:00PM Joppa Hall, Rm 012
Photoshop Basics- This course is an introduction to basic Photoshop tools used to enhance and improve photographs. Focus on crop tool, exposure adjustment tools, color management tools, black and white adjustment tools, and saving options. Please bring a thumb drive of 10 of your photos with you to class.
CRN 45883 WED (10/9-10/23) 6:00PM-9:00PM Room unknown right now
Learn to Use Your iPad/iPhone- Get the help you need making your iPhone or iPad work for you. Topics include setting up your device so you get the most efficient use of both your device and the battery life; setting up wireless connections, including the do’s and don’ts of using wireless in public locations; securing your home/office wireless connection; using cloud services like dropbox, and icloud; using the Operating System (OS) apps like Calendar and Contacts, and syncing with your computer whether Windows or a MAC. You will also learn how to find and download apps, music, books, and more. Senior adult and disabled retiree tuition waivers apply. Bring your device with you to class.
CRN 45882- FRI (9/13-9/27) 10:00AM-12:ooPM Edgewood Hall Rm. 219
NEW! iPad/iPhone: Beyond the Basics- Take your understanding of the iPad and iPhone to the next level by going beyond the basics covered in the beginning class. Learn more in-depth features such as using Siri, how to organize yourself using calendars and reminders, how to create useful notes, how to set up and use social media apps, how to use the dictation feature and much more. Prerequisite: Learn to Use your iPad/iPhone.
CRN 45944 FRI (11/8-12/6) 10:00AM-12:00PM Edgewood Hall Rm 219
NEW! Digital Photography Critique Lab- Take your digital photos to the next level learning how to discuss, analyze, and critique photography. This is a lab course and students will be participating in weekly photo challenges which will be critiqued by fellow participants and the instructor. Participants will also actively participate in critiquing their peers’ work. Prerequisite of Digital Photography 1 or higher OR a solid understanding of the exposure triangle, shooting modes, and composition.
CRN 45943 TUES (10/29-11/19) 6:00PM-9:00PM Joppa Hall Rm 012
Art From Your iPhone (or iPad)- Turn photographs into beautiful works of printable art by using apps on your iPhone or iPad. The instructor will walk you thought 4 projects step-by-step and then you will create your own art with the knowledge you learn. Projects include beautiful landscapes, creative self-portraits, flower portraits, and figurative art. Mandatory iPhone or iPad apps are REQUIRED (about $30) and are discussed in first class. First session meets for one hour only. Not available for android users!
CRN 45880 MON (9/9-9/30) 10AM-1:00PM Edgewood Hall Rm 219